Ainol Novo 10 Hero 10″ Google Android Tablet Jelly Bean 4.1 Review Bluetooth WiFi Dual Camera Custom ROM CyanogenMod 10

So we just got our shipment of Heros in from Ainol and I have to say that these things are a tank.  Fairly large for a 10″ tablet(Dimension wise).  There has to be a massive battery in this thing because the weight is fairly substantial at roughly 1.5lbs.  The bigger the battery though, the more battery time, so the tradeoff is worth it I think.  The bigger the battery the longer you will get out of CPU intensive apps like 3D games.  The IPS screen though straight pops.  I hate to get all urban on you.  But there’s no way else of explaining it.  The screen is crisp, clean, has great viewing angles and great color.  I always said that 4:3 was going out of style, but with this tablet I think the trend is being set.

I can tell you that coming from the factory the market is not only missing a ton of popular apps, but apps like Twitter, and Iheartradio show up as not compatible(Very popular in the US which means that there are a lot more apps more than likely have the same problem I haven’t discovered yet).  You ask how we combat this?  Christian Troy already had CyanogenMod built for the tablet before we even got it.

CT has made this possible almost before the Hero hit retail sales across the world to be honest since he has been modding Amlogic tablets for about 4 months now.  If you like his mods and want him to continue to keep them updated for the Hero.  Please donate to him!!  Even $3-5 is reasonable and if enough people donate it will go a long way to make sure he keeps pounding out updates even when the tablet is obsolete(3-4 months these days). I have donated the initial money and hardware to start the mods and it’s up to the community to keep it going past its lifespan.

Here are some important links:


ROM/Gapps/OP(Original Post) Link:
Hero Comp ZIP & CWM Files:

CT Donation link(Use IT!!):

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