My Final Take on the Actions ATM7029 & Boxchip Allwinner A31 ARM SOC Chips

While we were happy that the cost of these items weren’t any more expensive than the dual-cores that are out now.  The ATM7029 does suffer from an inferior GPU as I expected, and the Allwinner needs some Kernel work before it is ready for the US market.

Both chips Antutu benchmark in the low 12000s.  But Nickos-V, a well respected poster and China tablet entusiast/advocate, says that the Antutu benchmarks are skewed for the Action tablets.  That thread is here

The bottom line is this.  If you place these tablets side-by-side to any Amlogic AML8726-MX tablet you will not notice any difference.  The A31 plays 3D games slightly better than the AML8726-MX, but the A31 won’t play a lot of games on the market right now in it’s current state.  And yes I know how to change the telephony files for the license check from companies like Glu & Gameloft so that’s not the problem.  Christian Troy says that the error from the logcat has something to do with the GPU.  And since we don’t have the source codes we aren’t going to be able to fix.  So hopfully Boxchip will hand down their fixes in stream soon for those people buying A31 tablets.  Keyword “Hopefully”.

<Rockchip Rant>

We still are very anti-rockchip.  Like I said, we tried to get their attention at the CES and they just looked too busy to talk to anyone.  Great for them, but there was no contact information or cards anywhere in their booth.  Epic fail in my opinion.

So if anyone at Rockchip wants to offer me an olive branch and share some source code & communicate with me, we will sell Rockchip tablets & develop custom ROMs for your products.  People love custom ROMs.  That’s what makes Samsung such a huge company right now.  They leak their source codes and leave their bootladers unlocked.


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