Ainol Spark A31 Allwinner

Christian Troy is spending a few weeks at my house from Italy right now and we have been messing around with a Spark we got from a China distributor (The factory wouldn’t send me just 1).  So far so good on this thing, and I have to say I like it thus far.  I know that in their own quest for making stupid people think that they own the Flytouch brand clocked the Spark at around 9K Antutu.  Christian has this thing clocked more towards its advertised speed running 1.2Ghz and Antutu benchmarking at 11750.  This also running very stable in case you were wondering.

<Apad tv rant>

If you are considering buying a Flytouch 10, my advice to you is don’t.  Buy something that you know will have steady firmware updates and or the capacity for a custom ROM.  And since claims they are the manufacturer, they have zero access to their own source code.  Which right there tells you they are nothing but a bunch of scammers who have no clue about the product they are selling.

You are probably saying, well is just a forum.  You are dead wrong.  It’s a way to corral you into their site to buy from websites that they own.  I don’t want to give them any more SEO than I already have but lets just say that any ads off of their site are linked to their businesses.


I want to try to sum it up quickly.  The PIPO M9 Rockchip RK3188 is coming in at 18K Antutu.  An A31 with the same resolution like a GT10V is coming in at 12K Antutu (A number we can probably make 14K with a simple mod).  But there is one difference I want to point out that might benefit the A31 for now (Until Amlogic comes out with their chip).  The Rockchip is still using a Mali-400 GPU.  Something that I thought was not going to be very advantageous of them in this ARMs race.  Pun intended.  I think at this point in the game you must have a Mali-450 or better or your chip is going to struggle with drawing retina displays.

The Spark A31, even though it doesn’t benchmark through the roof, draws its 2048X1536 IPS screen with ease.  Playing on the tablet for a few hours you wouldn’t even remember that the tablet benchmarks 2-3K points higher than the last generation Rockchip/Amlogic dual-cores and 4K points lower than the newest Rockchip powerhouse.

Only time will tell how the market treats A31 chips with Rockchip quad-core recently released and eventually Amlogic’s quad-core.  I’m just glad that the A31 got its optimizations, and my opinion is the Spark is a great tablet for the price.  The screen is just flat-out awesome to look at and well worth the extra $30 or so bucks upgrade from a 1024×768(Letterbox) or 1280×800(Widescreen) IPS screen.


5 Responses to “Ainol Spark A31 Allwinner”

  1. Caynan Victor Says:

    Frank I need a tablet mostly to read, and watch lectures. So the Ainol Hero will be perfect but I don’t want to buy one and when it arrives (it takes 1-2 months to I receive goods here in Brazil) So do you think that in the next 2 – 3 months are going to be released a tablet with a 10″ or something similar display with a hardware capable of being supported for the next months, and with a decent hardware and most important that will probably be supported by you and Christian Troy? Thank you

    • flsuperstore Says:

      Anything we sell will be supported by me and CT. He has made some simple mods to the Spark so far just to tweak it a bit. We should have the spark within a few weeks. Also contact me at my business e-mail. We might have an option for you going to Brazil that might be cheaper and faster than it normally takes. (I know that your customs can be a pain in the butt sometimes.)

      • Caynan Victor Says:

        So you’re going to start selling the Spark? There is any chance to develop Custom Rom for the spark I mean the company that make the chip have some precious record of liberating the Source Code? Thanks

      • flsuperstore Says:

        Yes we have Sparks coming in tomorrow (April 1st). And no it’s not an April fools joke. We had to test it thoroughly because we had so many problems last year with A10 chips we didn’t want to jump the gun and buy a bunch of crappy tablets. I vowed never to buy something from China that was untested. And I would have never purchased the original Sparks. They didn’t work correctly, and the speakers were garbage. That has all since been solved.

      • Caynan Victor Says:

        Ohh my god excellent news, I’ll definitely wait for more news on this one, if CT manage to make custom roms for it I’ll definitely buy one with you guys. Thank you so much for the support, and keep us informed.

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