The history of the China tablet according to Frank

I had an epiphany to explain the rhyme and reason behind China tablets and their place in the current technology race.

I will talk about ARM licensing and the relation between the 3-4 big chip makers (Samsung, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Texas Instruments) and the up-and-coming chip makers (Amlogic, Boxchip/Allwinner, Rockchip) and the designs of said SOC devices.

This is just a placeholder for a day or so until I can gather all my thoughts and put them on this blog without sounding like a complete babbling fool.

One Response to “The history of the China tablet according to Frank”

  1. chilly Says:

    Cant wait – To me all Amlogic, Boxchip/Allwinner, Rockchip need is the dev community backing them up can u imagine tablets pre rooted with FULL sources available to everyone. People would go mad not even big companies do this – any way that’s my two cents.

    Can I ask have u seem Amlogic new quad core ? and hows the work on the Ainol Spark to my disappointment there seems to be wifi issues (past experiences still haunt me)

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