Unmerited Negatives on E-bay False Untrue

As you can see in this first pic the customer was asking about charging.  It’s a pretty simple question and explanation from me.  Anyone who knows anything about USB power knows that a regular USB port charges at .5 amps. This could take literally days to charge up a tablet depending on if the LCD is on or any programs are running.  This is actually a common issue, but something I have to answer and not Liz.  Please note that the reply is on the 26th of April.  The very first e-mail that was sent to me and also the day before the weekend.  At least in America.
This next picture is Liz telling the customer that I will get back with him/her.  I have no clue what they are talking about with the screen.  The C93 has a TN screen and you have to look at it dead on to see it good.  Anyone who knows anything about tablets/phone screens know that IPS & Super Amoled are the best screens.  We carry not only IPS but Retina IPS screens for people who want full viewing angles.  Brightness can be adjusted of course but I figure people are smart enough to figure it out since there is a button in the drop down menu on the home screen.
As you can see here I’m trying to offer up more diagnosis and I also say and I quote “….send it back and I’ll take a look at it”.  Something you would never get from China.  They will delay you for weeks.  Even months to not return an item and or extend it out so far that your credit company/Paypal will deny a claim.  Something we have never done ever.  I still fix T01’s, C91’s, A90’s and all the popular tablets from last year to this day.  We are the most reputable China tablet dealer in the world.  And I would like someone to prove otherwise.  You can’t though so don’t waste your time.
Here is the kicker and the final straw in patience for negatives on E-Bay that I can’t defend properly.  As you can see this person sent the message at 5:40 PDT, which is 8:40EST (Where I live), after I have already replied to him at least 4 times they claim it has been almost a week and they’re signing on to give me a bad report.  What constitutes almost a week?  4 days?  Of which 2 were a weekend?  Please can someone comment on this? During the week we answer questions almost on a 24 hour basis. Are we allowed to get some rest and relaxation?

Liz had replied to this knowing we already had the negative posted on E-bay and asked the person what they wanted to do.  Please can anyone tell me what Liz said wrong here?  Because I can’t find anything other than her trying to help this person and figure out what they want to do with their tablet.  How has anyone been rude to this person?  I am now by putting them on front street, but aren’t I allowed to defend my honor?  My company?

Please note that all the sudden this person is also a CyanogenMod expert and he is telling me that we put a cellphone ROM on a tablet.  This is what ticks me off till no end.  Ignorance.  I’ll rest my case because the evidence is extremely clear.

Hopefully someone reading this can see that a lot of these negatives just aren’t true, or the people wouldn’t let us help them understand their product better.  If we sell something, we know it inside and out.  It is what we based our business on is knowing our products.  Something nobody does anymore.  Which is why you see these big companies constantly going out of business.  So consider that before you hit the buy button.

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