Last batch of Hero Dual Core and Flame coming in stock

We will get one last batch of Ainol Hero Dual-Core and Ainol Flame in stock in about a week or so.  The Flame completely destroys the competition (Kindle Fire) so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative with the real Android market (Not some dumbed down version Amazon gives you) this is your best option.  We could have sold a lot of these tablets around Christmas if Ainol could have supplied them but we didn’t.  We ended up having to cancel over 200 pre-orders because Ainol couldn’t find the LCDs to make the tablet.  Any-who.  If you don’t know about the tablet is has the same processor used in all of the CyanogenMod ROMS we support (AML8726-MX), built in Bluetooth and super high-res LCD (1280×800).

We are also getting in more black sparks which seem to outsell the White ones 10 to 1. So…it’s safe to say we will not be carrying White Sparks anymore unless it’s the only color available.  I think that Android users like to differ themselves from the sheep that buy iPad products which pretty much are synonymous with White tablets even if they do make them in Black (Now).

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