Well it’s official.  It’s a little later than I expected (Or later than I was told).  But Amlogic will be releasing their new chip here in about two months.  I was told it would have a better Mali GPU but I wasn’t told which one, and it looks like it will have an 8GPU Mali-450.  There were some things they did not tell me.  And I don’t blame them for it since they want to try and keep some things a secret to create a buzz when they are ready.  Another one of those secrets being the 28nm process which should allow the chip to run at higher clock speeds.  Looks like this chip should blow away Rockchip. 

My big news a few weeks ago was I finally got in touch with Pipo to buy some M9s.  That project is now getting thrown out the window.  Amlogic works with us when it comes to debugging apps that we need to work on the US market and we won’t take the chance that Rockchip will never answer my e-mails if we have a problem with their chip/software. And I know Zenithink & Ainol will make tablets with their chips because we have sold a lot of those two company’s tablets when they have featured Amlogic SOCs.

I know I’m a few weeks behind here on the news.  But as the summer approaches and we have more time on our hands because retail sales are slow, we have been focusing on creating more direct wholesale sales.  That in turn has taken my focus off the Slatedroid forums and web browsing technology news.

Look to our company first for Amlogic’s new devices.  I was told that I could get a test tablet with their new chip as soon as it came out.  I’ll try and not be lazy and get a video up before everyone else.

I’m looking for someone who does sales in the Tampa Bay area.  If you love tablets and/or technology this would be a great opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor.  We’ve already done business with government & education over the past 6 months and we want to expand those horizons and take this company to a new level.  E-mail me if you are interested.  I’d rather have a nerd like me who loves this stuff than to have to hire someone who will probably owns an iDevice and don’t know the difference between unlocked or jailbroken phone.

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