Zenithink Google Android C71A & C71L Custom ROMs Jelly Bean 4.2.2 CM10.1 CyanogenMod AOKP Paranoid Android PA3+

Christian Troy, aka the Italian stallion and I just pulled a 60 hour (just one nap) shift sorting out the bloody, gory details to snap together CM10.1 ROMS for both the Zenithink C71A & C71L.  Let me tell you that nobody in the world can even sniff their own custom repack for this tablet as of now.  And the way the new Bootloaders work I doubt they will ever.  Most people who got some of the test run Zenithink Google Android C71A and C71L tablets don’t even have the stock firmware.

Anyone who buys from F&L Superstore is of course going to get the 1yr service and support that our tablets/ROMs come with.  But we are considering to charge a monthly fee for private forum access for people who do not buy direct from F&L Superstore. Nothing expensive, maybe like $2.50-$5 a mo., but it’s a thought we were kicking around to thwart idiots like Buyizonelectronics from plagiarizing our ads, software, and ideas word for word and reaping the benefits without doing any of the work. And there’s more people than him in the world that does it, but he is the first person that came to mind.

It’s not set in stone but like I said there is a thought process of trying to promote our brand, which is our customer service and custom firmware, and protect it somehow so we can at least reap some small rewards for our hard work.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch and right now people are eating off of our plate.

Anyways.  Feel free to discuss it below.  I’m extremely candid and I appreciate it when people can be so back with me.

Update:  Although we have CM10.1 working on both tablets, on the C71A (GPS) the GPS doesn’t work.  Our fix for this is installing CM10 (4.1.2).  If you don’t have the need for the GPS just roll with CM10.1 because it has all the bells & whistles.  Send a message before ordering (Once we get them back in stock we sold out)

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14 Responses to “Zenithink Google Android C71A & C71L Custom ROMs Jelly Bean 4.2.2 CM10.1 CyanogenMod AOKP Paranoid Android PA3+”

  1. Buyizon Electronix Says:

    In no way do we try to steal your ideas for personal gain. We simply sell the same products and are in competition just like everyone else. Maybe if you would focus more on customer service instead of being rude, selfish and arrogant to your eBay customers (your ebay feedback speaks for itself) maybe, just maybe you would have sales right now on the Zenithink c71L. Last I looked you had zero sales. So now your trying to bring down our business to better yours. It’s not going to work. I believe your a grown man, you should start to act more like it instead of a 12 year old.

    • flsuperstore Says:

      Great comeback by the way. I’d be glad to argue with you about sales but let’s let the proof be in the pudding as they say:

      Yours: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-1-Zenithink-C93-Dual-Core-1-3GHZ-8GB-1GBRam-Android-4-1-Jelly-Bean-Tablet-PC-/121119351899?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item1c3346a45b
      Mine: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-1-Zenithink-C93-Dual-Core-Google-Android-4-1-Jelly-Bean-Tablet-Cortex-A9-/251161922875?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item3a7a6acd3b

      And that’s just the 4.1 version we sell. I don’t need to justify my business to you. We did almost 1/2 a million in sales last year which is more than double what we did the year before. People can choose to buy from someone like you who is a rip-off artist, or they can do their homework and buy from me and they will get a tablet that works correctly from the guys that make the modifications for them to do so. These tablets work so good you have stolen our mods in the past and sold your tablets with them without permission. And when I asked you only to pay Christian Troy for the commercial use of the ROM, since he lives in Italy and really doesn’t know how to go about it, you basically told me to F off. Had you never got caught stealing our mods I would have never called you out. Life would just go on.

      A 12 year old would have found you and punched you in the face by now for stealing from them. An adult verbally assassinates you on the Internet. I suggest you bow out gracefully with the world knowing your a thief but you have changed your ways an started writing your own custom ROMs for your tablets.

      • Buyizon Electronix Says:

        I have never sold a tablet with your custom rom loaded. Customers simply wanted more features so I told them about Slayedroid.com and your custom roms happened to be on that site without a fee for use to the public. I wasn’t selling your Roms commercial. It’s not my fault you didn’t protect your Roms and charge a fee for each download.

      • flsuperstore Says:

        Check this out:

        And I quote “It did come with the cm10 on it.”. The whole world knows you are a liar now. Are you going to say that your customer is a liar and that post which is on the Internet forever is false? Or just admit that you are. Christian seen your ad as soon as someone outed you advertising as preinstalled with CM10.1. Again something that we would have not had a problem with had you asked for permission and compensated the builders. Aka me and CT.

        By the way. Your ad on E-bay is wrong. The C71L does not come with a 1024×600 screen and it does not play Netflix (Without locking up after 10 seconds), or Crackle (Without Buffering). Man you are such a clown. Stop selling tablets, this technology is not your forte.

      • Buyizon Electronix Says:

        By the way you are wrong. See that’s the problem with you developers, You think you know everything. I have versions that play netflix, Hulu, and crackle on the c71L that I have tested and are working perfectly. I don’t need a custom rom. All my downloads are password protected on my site for my customers at (link removed) something you should have thought of before throwing all your hard hours of work of custom roms for free on slatedroid.com I’m finished going back. Anyways, good luck in all your future ventures. It was funny chatting!

      • flsuperstore Says:

        U could possibly be the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. You password protected two downloads. One an older version of Netflix which DOES NOT work on the C71L. Trust me I even tried your download. And the other one root for the C94 which is a terrible tablet and I have voiced my opinion to the guys at Zenithink. People I know and have met personally, can you say the same? Anyone with a brain can see you are a liar, and anyone without a brain will buy from you. You are a scam artist and a thief, and if you ever seen me or CT at a trade convention I’m sure you would backpedal your way out the door in shame. Hulu does not play, Crackle says “buffering” forever, and Netflix plays for 10 seconds and locks up. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. My tablets don’t do that because I know how to configure them and CM10.1 fixes a lot of stock ROM problem. Yours do because, well, you aren’t meant for the Android tablet business. You should probably go into business buying and selling something simple like erasers or toothpaste.

        P.S. You sell Android tablets and your contact email is Yahoo. That’s all I have to say. I rest my case.

  2. ChristianTroy Says:

    BTW simply asking if I don’t mind if people COMMERCIALLY uses the stuff that took me thousand of hours of work would be appreciated… but you know, good manners are not part of this world!
    It’s easy fetching the stuff, without even thanking, after me and Frank busted our asses to make thing works right, dealing with non cooperative manufacturers and shit like that.
    But most Android users are the one that use 0.99$ pirated apps… software work is considered almost zero by too many people sadly.

  3. Mike Says:

    Hey all,

    I appreciate the work you guys have done and have made a paypal donation to CT in the past to prove it. The only thing that held me back from buying an Ainol Spark from you was the lack of bluetooth which I know is something totally out of your control, why Ainol would make something so amazing in every respect and then leave that out I don’t know. I would happily pay a few bucks more and have that feature as I suspect most people who are already dropping ~ $250 would.
    Would your store ever consider selling tablets you can’t build custom ROMs for? Something like the Hyundai Play X900 or Pipo M9? Your angle could be making it easier for customers to have the latest firmware and fixes, something that is available but often a pain for the uninitiated as it requires trolling various forums, some of which are in a foreign language. Also you’d be one of the few, if only, actually shipping it from within the US. There are some that claim to ship from within the US, like a certain “zone” store ;), but actually just do drop shipping with China based distributors. By drop shipping I mean it’s actually mailed from China from the likes of spemall or pandawill with the false pretense of being from US places like the “zone.”
    If I saw a store like yours that actually ships from the US with the latest firmware installed and upon buying it from you I also got a 1 year subscription to a members only forum for firmware updates and fixes for app issues and the like I’d pick your store without a second thought. Although these tablets aren’t as amazing as the ones with your CM they are often quite serviceable for the average user once a firmware update or 2 has come through. Sometimes an older version of say Netflix or Crackle is needed but that’s something that could be on the aforementioned forums.

    I suspect a big “fan” of yours might read this post and say the drop shipping comment isn’t true to which I respond, read your own ebay feedback. You can see where customers leave negative reviews about shipping time and the response quotes a DHL number which traces back to China. 😛

    Anyway, love your work guys. My friends at work needed 3 10″ tablets with BT and I couldn’t sell them on the Hero. If only the Spark had it… oh well. At least I talked them into Nexus 10’s instead of the Ipads they originally wanted! I hope our next purchase can be from F&L Superstore.

  4. flsuperstore Says:

    Hrmm I left a reply but it didn’t stick. Yes we ‘were’ going to carry the Pipo M9 but the reason I didn’t buy right away is because they weren’t setup for export and they didn’t have a forwarder(I had to find my own) . So I wasn’t about to throw $20K down the drain on a forwarder I’ve never met. Since then though the quad-core Amlogic had a drop date so we are going to hold off on any Rockchip products for now. We want something we can customize even if we have to use mfg stock kernels merged with our Android builds.

    But CT already has a custom ROM for the M9. We got the M9 before probably anyone in the world and CT was visiting my house from Italy and he did a whole bunch of mods to it while he was here. It was a great tablet, but I think for the price people in the US won’t buy it. They barely buy the spark. I sell 3x more Heros than sparks because of the price.

    Yes we don’t drop ship, and never will. We want to keep our customers to ourselves, and China drop shippers are shady. They will steal your business in a heart beat. We have had people in the past say that we sell from China which I would be glad to prove anyone wrong and bet my whole business on them trying, because none of our tracking numbers are out of the country. We have sent 100’s of tablets direct from the MFG to various wholesale buyers in the US, but our single sales are always here from Florida where we have a wall of tablets. Which is why I was LOLing inside when that guy Buyizon was trying my sales. When he has no clue the propensity of our little company. We have accepted multiple purchase orders for 20k+. Something that his company and no other company in the US that are selling China tablets has the clout to do.

    This year will be huge for us I predict. I’m adding a sales person and hope to add Pipo to our line by the end of the year. They are the next best tablet maker in China next to Ainol in my opinion. I’m glad I started purchasing Ainol because they have ultra low return rates and have been “mostly” GPL compliant.

    But take my advice, and I mean anyone reading this. If you don’t see us carrying a tablet, be very careful. There’s a reason we don’t carry any quad-core Actions tablets or the C94 as I type this.

    Thank you for your donation to the cause. He’s not trying to make a million bucks, he’s just trying to compensate a little for his time and catastrophic events like his computer meltdown. Eventually as my company grows I will move him to Florida for the majority of the year and he can do it full time.

  5. Mike Says:

    FL Superstore “Yes we ‘were’ going to carry the Pipo M9 but the reason I didn’t buy right away is because they weren’t setup for export and they didn’t have a forwarder(I had to find my own) . So I wasn’t about to throw $20K down the drain on a forwarder I’ve never met.”

    I don’t blame you! I’d be nervous buying 1 tablet from those guys let alone $20k worth.

    Thanks for the reply and I look forward to watching your company grow! 🙂

  6. flsuperstore Says:

    Thanks brother. Yea we try and avoid issues like that. I actually had training buying from China in my previous job so I know the signs to avoid getting completely ripped off and that was one of them. I trust Pipo, but it’s hard to trust some guy they don’t know.

    They have since found a forwarder though who is reasonably priced. So once we complete a few medium sized deals with some C93s we will more than likely carry them ASAP.

  7. Frank Pierannunzio Says:

    I made a big mistake buying from buyizonelectronix. Worst decision I ever made. Even though mentioned the battery charging pin and told it was normal, it quit charging. When asked about it, basiclly told to forget it. Pass it along. I have.
    If anyonewant text copy of my interactions with buyizonelectronix, I will send to them.
    Buy anywhere else.

    • flsuperstore Says:

      Frank. What tablet do you have? C93? If so I can fix the port for you. I could probably fix any tablet’s charge port for you. Get with me at my company email. We are the only real dealers for Zenithink products. Other people try and copy what we do, but we know these tablets inside and out and are the only people in the US that repairs them.

      • Frank Pierannunzio Says:

        I think it is a C94. Cannot turn it on. But I really don’t want to spend too much on this as I am disabled and on very limited income.This guy definitely screwed me on this tablet. When it worked it was fine. I even mentioned the pin by email to him as soon as I got it. Said it was normal. Screwed. Been posting where I can Here is my email frankpier1@gmail.com.
        Saw you post about a Frank with charging problems. The unit I got charges by pin. Never charged by usb. That did not seem to work either. Please sent me what it would cost.
        Thanks for the offer. Wish you were the seller

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