Zenithink C93A & C98 Google Android Jelly Bean 4.1 4.2 Tablets

Well…..Just when I thought Zenithink made one of the best budget Google Android 10″ tablets in the world they go and release an updated version of the C93.  The C93A is an upgraded version of the C93 that comes with Bluetooth, Dual Camera, and GPS.  Get this….It’s only $10 more.

So as soon as mass production is in full effect we will be replacing the C93 model with the C93A.  I mean who wouldn’t pay $10 more for 3(4?? FM Tuner??) more features than its predecessor?

Now they say it has built in FM, but I’m not sure I know anything about that yet. We have had the C71A for a few weeks or so now and they say it has FM too, but again I have no clue how to make it work or if there is an FM tuner internally.  I guess I need to ask more questions.

But who needs FM when there is the Internet.  Soon in my predictions, nobody will know what FM/AM/CDs/DVDs/VHS/Floppy Disks even were.  Part of Moore’s law I guess.

We are unsure about what quad-core chip they are going to use in the C98 but we have a feeling it will not be Allwinner or MTK as their website suggests.  My guess it will be the new Amlogic AML8726-M8 which will be out sooner than you think.  I’m sure that Zenithink (via Amlogic) already has a solution for the chip which has put their small company on the tablet map of the world.  If they do this (And I have advised them too) I think it would give them the much needed exposure in the ARMs race that they missed last year when Ainol, Onda & Ramos were putting out dual-core Amlogic tablets 4-5 months before Zenithink was.

I stand by my statement that Zenithink makes the best budget performance tablets.  Ainol makes the best budget performance also, but they use slightly better components and offer more selections of spec levels for their tablet lines.  This is why over the last year we have focused on featuring these two lines of manufacturers.  In the future we hope to add Onda & Pipo (Pipo first more than likely).  But until then we will be your genuine Ainol & Zenithink dealers in the US.

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12 Responses to “Zenithink C93A & C98 Google Android Jelly Bean 4.1 4.2 Tablets”

  1. somekool Says:

    hey, would you guys be able to make an activeplasma rom for the zenithink C71-Upgrade ?


  2. Jeff Kroll Says:

    Frank, I see F&L is carrying a 4:3 tablet in the Novo 9 series from Ainol (I have an Aurora 2, which I bought before I knew F&L existed). Might you carry a Novo 8, like the Discover/Find? If you do start carrying Pipo or Onda, I believe they also have 4:3 8″ tablets. One request: I’d enjoy a post with your quick take on various brands. (You’ve obviously made it clear what you think about the brands that you carry.) One other question: would it be possible for we who subscribe to the blog to be notified when a new one is written?

  3. flsuperstore Says:

    The next company we will carry is Pipo. But we will not be carrying the Novo 8 or the Discover/Find since they use inferior microchips. Amlogic will be releasing their quad-core ship here shortly and those tablets will instantly become obsolete.

  4. jadekraut Says:

    I totally understand your point about the chip of the Discover/Find. Here’s hoping that F&L carries a 4:3 8″ of whatever brand, ‘cuz if you do I’m sure it will good quality.

  5. w. page Says:

    Frank, Do you foresee having any new 10′ tablets with much improve video playback compared the Ainol Hero I I got from you?

  6. Thomas G Says:

    There is a small crowd of people looking for an internal FM tuner specifically people who are trying to put tablets in their vehicles and don’t want to waste data on something like that. I’ll buy one immediately from you guys if you can confirm that the FM tuner works?

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