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Ainol AX1 MediaTek MTK8389 Google Android Jelly Bean Tablet

September 27, 2013

I could say a lot about this tablet.  But I will just have to say that it’s awesome.  Out of the box it does everything, even Hulu which is/was an issue for China tablets.  MediaTek sure has its spit together when it comes to software.  A few years ago their software was one of the worst, and now it is easily the best.  Yea I said it….Sorry to my chip maker friends out there.  I’m sure yours will be comparable when you release your new chip.

So only issue now is getting the source code for the SoC because even though the software is great we still want to offer the popular custom ROMs available out on the net.

The only negative thing I could say about the tablet is that it doesn’t have an IPS LCD.  But with all of these features I’m not sure how much an IPS screen would jack up the price.  Our starting sale price will be $159 so I’m guessing with IPS that figure might be around $200.  Which would put it too close to a quad-core Nexus 7, but the Nexus 7 has less features.  This is all speculation at this point and I’m just going to be happy with the tablet the way it is.  One thing that I love the most is the battery life.

Key features in our eyes:
Antutu 13500ish
Decent GPU
Internal GPS
Internal Bluetooth
FM Tuner (That works unlike some other tablet MFGs but is kind of useless because of Radio & iHeart market apps.)
CDMA & GSM SIM card slots
Dual Camera with Flash (5MP if you want to be “that guy” taking pictures with his tablet)
Very loud speaker for a 7″ tablet
Deep sleeps and keeps wi-fi active without a huge drain. (Huge problem with other China tablets)
Battery Life
Slim design (This could be bad though in the end as there will have to be custom cases made for it)

Tablet repair and Warranty – All Models – Samsung, Acer, Asus, Zenithink, Pipo, Cube, Ainol, Eken

September 14, 2013

Just wanted to make a quick post about tablet repair.  It’s something we can do here in our office for almost every tablet on the market.  We will not do Apple products so don’t ask.  If you have a tablet you need repaired send us an email at  The most common issues are touch screens.  Which we can get from most manufacturers.  China tablets are our specialty, so if you have anything that needs repaired like usb port, charge port, lcd, etc., just send me an email and I will try to help.

Now to talk about our warranty we offer with our tablets.  Someone wrote a feedback on our E-Bay account about us not honoring our warranty.  Which is complete bull spit.  I would be glad to prove the guy never even contacted us to tell us his tablet wasn’t working.  We have a repair facility in-house, and as long as the tablet is not heavily damaged by the customer, the work is done for free.  If you purchased your tablet from China and you live in the US, plan to pay upwards of $46 to get the tablet back there to fix.  Also be prepared to get them to talk you into buying something from them again just so they can send it back to you and them not have to pay shipping back.  Now that ladies and gentlemen, is the true rip-off.

It’s official, AX1 and Ainol Captain on the way.

September 12, 2013

Not too much else to say.  We will test them both.  I’m not a fan of the ATM7029, but the Captain intrigues me a bit for the non-gamer.  The super-high res screen, massive battery, 2GB memory, GPS, and internal Bluetooth make it a step above the Hero II (Which we never ordered in mass quantity).  But the GPU will suffer a bit for the hardcore gamer (Like me).  I think it’s more marketable than the Hero II was/is.

We try to carry tablets with the best bang for the buck as they say.  I think this one falls into that category.

I also have sent word out to MTK to try and get source code so we can develop for their MT8389 chip.

Pipo M9 / Rockchip RK3188

September 12, 2013

I feel like I dropped the ball on this tablet.  I have been sitting around waiting for an AML8726-M8 tablet to drop and it just hasn’t happened yet.  I will admit that my retail sales are above last year’s average but with the way that we were killing it in the first quarter I figured they would at least be three times what they were last year and they are not.  Now I see some of the sales figures of the Pipo M9 at other stores and I think that could be me.

O well.  You live and you learn.  I still swear by Amlogic, and I know when their chip drops it will completely destroy any 2nd tier China chip (Actions, MTK, Boxchip (Allwinner), Freescale)  currently on the market and be a step ahead of the Rockchip RK3188.

I believe my patience will pay off.  And my advice is to hold off on buying a tablet right now if you are looking at these mid/low priced tablets as something you would want to own.  But again, I probably should have got a few batches of M9’s in the interim because they are in my opinion a decent segue into what will be about a years worth of domination from Amlogic when they release their AML8726-M8 chip.  And as always, since Amlogic works with us with the kernel sources we will be able to offer more software options for any tablets it releases and not just repacks which is mostly what you see for Rockchip devices.

I wish there was more to talk about, but there isn’t.  We might be getting some Pipo M9 tablets in and also Cube UG55T aka Talk 79 in just to hold us over to boost some sales heading into the holiday season.  We feel these are the best tablets out on the market in their price range.  We are also looking at Ainol’s new AX1 which has 3G and CDMA capabilities.  I would really like to know how the CDMA capabilities would work….Do I have to use QTSP?  How would I program the tablet onto a CDMA network like Verizon or Sprint?  Or even Metro PCS?  We will see I guess.