It’s official, AX1 and Ainol Captain on the way.

Not too much else to say.  We will test them both.  I’m not a fan of the ATM7029, but the Captain intrigues me a bit for the non-gamer.  The super-high res screen, massive battery, 2GB memory, GPS, and internal Bluetooth make it a step above the Hero II (Which we never ordered in mass quantity).  But the GPU will suffer a bit for the hardcore gamer (Like me).  I think it’s more marketable than the Hero II was/is.

We try to carry tablets with the best bang for the buck as they say.  I think this one falls into that category.

I also have sent word out to MTK to try and get source code so we can develop for their MT8389 chip.

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5 Responses to “It’s official, AX1 and Ainol Captain on the way.”

  1. Jeff Kroll Says:

    Sales promo for the holidays isn’t too far away. I haven’t seen any reference to an 8″ tablet on the blog lately (4:3 form factor: Pipo U8, Ainol Talos, etc.) Any chance of offering an 8″ tab for the holidays?

    • flsuperstore Says:

      Historically we haven’t had a lot of success with 8″ tablets. We are going to try a Cube 7.9″ but again, I just don’t think it’s a viable option due to slow sales of that size in the past. The popular sizes are the 7″,10″ and 9.7″. I will see how fast the test run sells.

  2. Glenn Becker Says:

    I ordered an Ainol Novo 7 Crystal from you a while back and it has been absolutely stellar — but I’m doing so much reading on it (scientific pubs — double column PDFs) that the 7″ size is, I think, wearing on my eyes … so I saw the Captain announcement on the store site and got interested … the battery life is also attractive.

    But I’ve seen complaints on the SlateDroid boards about the chip in this model being some sort of a cheat “hybrid” quad-core, and that the unit is actually quite slow.

    I am wondering whether this would matter for me, since I am not a gamer at all … probably the most graphics-intensive thing I do on my Crystal is watch movies on Netflix.

    Would the Captain be adequate for that kind of use? Would its performance be comparable to the Crystal?

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