Ainol AX1 MediaTek MTK8389 Google Android Jelly Bean Tablet

I could say a lot about this tablet.  But I will just have to say that it’s awesome.  Out of the box it does everything, even Hulu which is/was an issue for China tablets.  MediaTek sure has its spit together when it comes to software.  A few years ago their software was one of the worst, and now it is easily the best.  Yea I said it….Sorry to my chip maker friends out there.  I’m sure yours will be comparable when you release your new chip.

So only issue now is getting the source code for the SoC because even though the software is great we still want to offer the popular custom ROMs available out on the net.

The only negative thing I could say about the tablet is that it doesn’t have an IPS LCD.  But with all of these features I’m not sure how much an IPS screen would jack up the price.  Our starting sale price will be $159 so I’m guessing with IPS that figure might be around $200.  Which would put it too close to a quad-core Nexus 7, but the Nexus 7 has less features.  This is all speculation at this point and I’m just going to be happy with the tablet the way it is.  One thing that I love the most is the battery life.

Key features in our eyes:
Antutu 13500ish
Decent GPU
Internal GPS
Internal Bluetooth
FM Tuner (That works unlike some other tablet MFGs but is kind of useless because of Radio & iHeart market apps.)
CDMA & GSM SIM card slots
Dual Camera with Flash (5MP if you want to be “that guy” taking pictures with his tablet)
Very loud speaker for a 7″ tablet
Deep sleeps and keeps wi-fi active without a huge drain. (Huge problem with other China tablets)
Battery Life
Slim design (This could be bad though in the end as there will have to be custom cases made for it)

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