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Black Friday tablet sale. Zenithink PiPo Cube 10% Off

November 23, 2013

10% Off Anything in our store Friday only.  This is a monster discount and will bring most of our tablets even below buying from China direct.  No coupon needed.  Just buy within the 24hr period of Nov 29th.

Take my advice and buy from the USA.  Included in this post is a picture of a return cost of a tablet to China.  I’m not trying to scare you, but this is the reality of commerce in the world.  You might save 3-8% buying from a trader in China but it’s going to cost you a huge headache and a lot of money if you have to return it.  To return something in the US it’s about $10 tops.  A lot less if you live in the eastern half of the US.  But no more than $11 if you do it right even out on the west coast.  Electronics can fail, even the ones built by HTC, Samsung, and even that great company called Apple everyone brags about.  Once you come to terms with that, it’s up to you to make the correct choice on how to make your life easier should you have to return something.


Big things poppin this holiday season. We have C98A 3G MTK8389 & new Rockchip Dual Core Children’s tablets coming in stock soon.

November 21, 2013

I posted below that the C98 would probably have the MTK or the Allwinner A31. Zenithink  has actually put the Allwinner A31S chip in the C94 (We already have stock.) and are using the MediaTek MTK8389 chip in their C98A.  Here’s the funny thing.  The C98A will not come native with an IPS screen like the C97 did.  It still will be way cheaper than a PiPo M6 3G (About $80ish) even with an IPS screen.  But we will see how bad the regular non-IPS versions of the C98A are really that bad of an LCD.  The non-IPS C98As will come in right above $200 and the IPS versions will be about $240.  I’m doing some guesswork here as the figures that were given to me were preliminary and I haven’t seen an invoice so I can factor in shipping and other silly costs like minor import fees.  We have both versions coming to our store.  All 16GB too.  Our focus this and the rest of the year is to have all $200ish+ tablets we sell stock with 16GB.  Now of course our budget lines in the low/sub $100s probably will have 8GB, but for anything in the high $100’s and low $200’s we are focusing on buying 16GB.

Even though these tablets have expandable memory, as more and more tablet makers go with MTP datamedia layout, it adds the full amount of internal space for app installation.  So essentially you would get all 16GB to go crazy on installing apps and then use your 64GB or 32GB card as media storage.  Again, this is the future of Android so not all MFGs are going with the datamedia layout.  They should…but some of them don’t.

So links and more interesting stuff will go here as we get the products in and put them on our website.

Oh I almost forgot.  We have two different children’s tablets coming in.  Both dual-core Rockchip.  One has 512MB Ram/4GB Storage and the other has 1GB Ram/8GB Storage.  We will get them in and see if there is a huge disparity in performance.  As we are marketing them to be used by kids I think if they are close in speed we will go with the 512mb one as we will be able to retail it for $79 and that includes free domestic shipping.  Both tablets have a rubberized top to guard against drops and smashing the LCD & Touch Screen.

Pipo M6 WiFi & 3G, Pipo M9 WiFi & 3G, Pipo S1 Pro, Cube U55GT Talk 79 All In Stock

November 8, 2013

Well I talked about how I dropped the ball on the PiPo’s at the beginning of the year and I’m trying to make up for it.  We also have some Cube U55GTs in stock.  They are a little more expensive than what you would get buying direct from China, but if anything goes wrong you can save a lot of headache having to return them to me instead of all the way on the other side of the country.

As we sell more and more Cube products we will try and get better prices, but our PiPo products are on par with China prices.