Black Friday tablet sale. Zenithink PiPo Cube 10% Off

10% Off Anything in our store Friday only.  This is a monster discount and will bring most of our tablets even below buying from China direct.  No coupon needed.  Just buy within the 24hr period of Nov 29th.

Take my advice and buy from the USA.  Included in this post is a picture of a return cost of a tablet to China.  I’m not trying to scare you, but this is the reality of commerce in the world.  You might save 3-8% buying from a trader in China but it’s going to cost you a huge headache and a lot of money if you have to return it.  To return something in the US it’s about $10 tops.  A lot less if you live in the eastern half of the US.  But no more than $11 if you do it right even out on the west coast.  Electronics can fail, even the ones built by HTC, Samsung, and even that great company called Apple everyone brags about.  Once you come to terms with that, it’s up to you to make the correct choice on how to make your life easier should you have to return something.


5 Responses to “Black Friday tablet sale. Zenithink PiPo Cube 10% Off”

  1. Jeff Kroll Says:

    It absolutely will total less, at least with the tab I’ll be buying, the Cube Talk 79. As an example, merimobiles starts out costing less, but they charge to root it & they themselves are suggesting that at this time of year people use one of their higher levels of shipping (i.e., their non-free, non-slow levels). If one does that, it absolutely costs more with them. (Plus, they don’t do the software tweaks that you guys do.)

    • flsuperstore Says:

      Their Talk79 also does not support Micro SD, whereas ours does. Which more than likely means that they have first run product, or copies of the original. I’m guessing this is why they are so cheap. I have already been bombarded with Talk79 clone ads from private manufacturers so I know that there are copies out there. It is not a trademarked tablet. The manufacturing specs are not secret for tablets since the chip manufacturer supplies independent and contract manufacturers with the specs on how to build complete tablets from the LCD down to what chips to use for wi-fi. Not to mention the board solution for all of this. It’s then up to the MFG to make the final decision on what case to put all of those electronics in.

      Our cost always includes 3-5 day shipping. Which if you got it from China would be another $30ish.

      I’m not saying Merimobiles doesn’t have the real deal. They are one of the better known guys in the world. But I am telling you there are copies of the Talk79 being made by multiple manufacturers. And I would be glad to prove it if anyone doubts me.

  2. george Says:

    on the pipo m6, are we going to be able to upgrade the 4.2. to the new 4.3?

    • flsuperstore Says:

      If PiPo does not, we will do our best to get the kernel source from Rockchip or PiPo so we can adapt our own 4.3, or 4.4 depending on how difficult it is to make the internal components work with whatever the newest Android version that is out at the time.

  3. Chris Brenon Says:

    Thanks for the update and sharing the prices of Tablets, there is so much choices for them aha 🙂

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