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GSM Phablets / Tablets testing

December 24, 2013

My time lately has been wasted by testing trying with every bit of phone/tablet knowledge I have to get some tablets to work properly on the US GSM network.  So far the AX1, the U55GT Talk 79 and the PiPo 3G tablets all work (Pipo is not a phablet only data).  But the C98A nor the .Talk 79 clone from Julong Technology work (I spoke too soon, the Talk 79 type clone works I just got it to work.)  I’ve tried every IMEI combination and setting in the world.  I just don’t think those companies included the antenna for the US GSM network.  That’s what Christian Troy tells me anyways.  I’m not too sure why a phablet maker wouldn’t just include all the popular antennas to pick up all the popular frequencies.

As phablets and 3G tablets become extremely affordable I would be very careful about buying them before they are fully tested in your market wherever that may be.

It’s sad though because the C98A is a great tablet.  Extremely affordable.  The non-IPS version we would sell for $214.99.  Which is great at that price just for the tablet part.  I know for a fact that even if we told customers that the 3G didn’t work and sold them without it, they would use that as a reason to return it.  So….we aren’t going to be carrying them.  Which makes me cry a little inside but I’ll get over it.

I have a post about a tablet to absolutely avoid.  Be on the lookout for it.

Replacing the C93 & C93A with C94, still testing the C98A

December 17, 2013

We are officially retiring one of our best selling tablets in the C93 and the C93A and replacing them with the C94.  Thanks to the hard work by Christian Troy and the sponsorship of our company, we were able to get CM10.2 and CM11 working on the C94 and decided this would be the best route to take even though we love Amlogic chipped tablets.  The C93A has GPS (C94 doesn’t), but you can always add GPS to a Bluetooth tablet with a Bluetooth GPS receiver.  We actually sell the kits we just don’t have them online.  Not sure why I guess I need to get on that.

The ROM is in house only at this time and probably will be for a few months.  Unless people want to donate to Christian Troy for his Amlogic/Allwinner pop-AOSP builds, the only way to get this tablet with 4.3 or 4.4 is to buy from us.  We pay for the initial development and it’s up to the community to keep it going.  I wish my sales reflected how much we gave back to the China tablet community so I could pay CT full time, but they don’t.  And I’m not in the business of begging for sales, and CT is not in the business of begging for donations.  And I’m not in business of scamming people through forums like some companies that will remain nameless, cough Apadtv, cough.

So to use a played out cliche, It is what it is.

But, if you want a very good budget tablet in the Zenithink C94 Google Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or Kit Kat 4.4 tablet you know how to find my store.  I mean unless you are terrible at the interweb and can’t click the link up at the top or know what Google, Bing, or Yahoo is.  Just saying.

We are still testing the C98A.  It’s a great tablet.  And I mean great tablet.  Super (duper??) loud speakers, fast, metal frame, does everything out of the box…well almost everything.  The phablet part does not work in the US (Data or Phone call).  My guess is they are using a very old baseband version for the MTK8389.  I have tried to reprogram known good IMEI’s and I just can’t get it to connect to T-Mobile or AT&T networks.  Which are the two most popular GSM networks in the world so it should work you think…..  So until you see a post here about the C98A working in the US, I wouldn’t buy it.  Maybe it works in other countries, like China.  Maybe only China.  But it does not and I repeat DOES NOT on the 10 units I tested work in the US in any of the two SIM ports the tablet is built with.  The speakers are so awesome though I just hope that we can get this one issue solved.  Tablets fall short on the speaker side and on this tablet the speakers are almost ear piercing.