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February 28, 2013

We have still been selling Ainol Hero & Crystal, Zenithink C93.  The C97 line was dropped by Zenithink.  I guess their margin wasn’t high enough on that product. Which is a shame because it really is a nice product.  Very solid tablet, great looking LCD, super low returns.  The C93 sells very well though so maybe that’s the real issue is the C97 just didn’t sell enough.  They told me they were going to put a quad-core chip in the C97.  If they put the freescale chip in it, I will take my palm and smack my face with it.  Freescale, your chip sucks.  I hope someone high up in your company is reading this.  I thought you guys were supposed to be one of the leaders in microchip technology. When I used to purchase electronics I couldn’t tell you how many freescale products I’ve had to buy over the years for my salespersons.  It just baffles me that this chip is just not right.  And your source codes are nowhere to be found so people can help you fix it.

We will more than likely be carrying the Ainol 9″ spark(Or whatever it is going to be called).  We will get a couple hundred pieces to do a test run.  Like I have said in other posts, the A31 chip is decent but it has some ways to go.  I did have to modify the software to make certain things works, and yes they still need a Kernel revision to fix some GPU crashes I was getting. But last year when Allwinner came out with their A10 chips, Ainol had the best stock firmware for them.  So let’s hope they repeat this year.  Or at least repeat for the small window between now and when Amlogic releases their quad-core chip.

That is all for now.